Strategy and Goals

  • Schweiter Technologies develops business in the area of composite materials and currently comprises the division 3A Composites.
  • The individual businesses are, or have the potential to be, global market leaders in their segments; they are organisationally and financially separate units.
  • At the core of the strategy are innovation, customer centricity and value creation as key success factor.
  • Schweiter Technologies actively fosters lean structures and direct lines of communication. The same attention is devoted to nurturing management skills as to developing the divisions.
  • Schweiter Technologies aims to strengthen its current positions through acquisitions – divestments are made only when better owners than Schweiter can be found.
  • In addition to overseeing the executive leadership, the Board of Directors is also charged with defining and implementing acquisition strategy.

Current situation
The portfolio of Schweiter is concentrated primarily on the composites business in the display, architecture, core materials and transportation sectors. As far as possible, the substantial cash holding is to be used for future-proof acquisitions in existing and/or new areas of business.