Key Figures

Income Statement


(in CHF Mio.)
Orders received1202.31052.41014.0946.5955.2
Net revenues1179.61047.4980.2917.5915.4
in % of Net revenues10.7%10.6%11.7%12.2%10.1%
in % of Net revenues7.5%7.8%8.9%9.3%7.2%
Net income62.660.377.070.650.1
in % of Net revenues5.3%5.8%7.9%7.0%5.5%
Earnings per share after dilution (in CHF)43.742.153.842.235.0
Payout per share (in CHF) 2)40.0045.0040.0040.0040.00

1) Continuing Operations

2) Dividend payment (2017: ordinary dividend of CHF 40.00 and special dividend of CHF 5.00)

Balance sheet

in CHF Mio.     
Total assets1050.51036.81051.0943.7925.3
Current assets498.2508.6595.4504.2486.7
in % of balance sheet total 47.4%49.1%56.7%53.4%52.6%
Non-current assets552.3528.2455.6439.5438.7
in % of balance sheet total 52.6%50.9%43.3%46.6%47.4%
Short-term liabilities152.1158.7145.1161.3155.5
in % of balance sheet total 14.5%15.3%13.8%17.1%16.8%
Long-term liabilities166.4126.2124.9123.1145.0
in % of balance sheet total 15.8%12.2%11.9%13.0%15.7%
Total liabilities318.5284.9270.0284.4300.4
in % of balance sheet total 30.3%27.5%25.7%30.1%32.5%
Shareholders’ equity731.9751.9781.0659.3624.9
in % of balance sheet total69.7%72.5%74.3%69.9%67.5%
Employees (year-end) 1)4’1853947378640864689

1) including workers in balsa wood plantations and sawmills in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea