Key Figures

Income Statement


(in CHF Mio.)
Net revenues1069.61197.71226.91160.21179.6
in % of Net revenues8.4%7.1%12.3%15.1%10.4%
in % of Net revenues4.7%3.6%9.1%11.9%7.2%
Net income27.629.184.4103.560.0
in % of Net revenues2.6%2.4%6.9%9.0%5.1%
Earnings per share after dilution (in CHF)19.320.359.072.341.9
Payout per share (in CHF) 2)15.0020.0040.0040.0040.00

1) Restated
) Dividend payment

Balance sheet

in CHF Mio.     
Total assets1042.71084.31143.11097.31052.1
Current assets467.9503.8557.9548.2499.9
in % of balance sheet total 44.9%46.5%48.8%50.0%47.5%
Non-current assets574.8580.5585.2549.1552.2
in % of balance sheet total 55.1%53.5%51.2%50.0%52.5%
Short-term liabilities211.2206.1192.6180.0157.7
in % of balance sheet total 20.3%19.0%16.8%16.4%15.0%
Long-term liabilities125.1125.4173.9179.3166.4
in % of balance sheet total 12.0%11.6%15.2%16.3%15.8%
Total liabilities336.3331.5366.5359.3324.1
in % of balance sheet total 32.3%30.6%32.1%32.7%30.8%
Shareholders’ equity706.4752.8776.6738.0728.1
in % of balance sheet total67.8%69.4%67.9%67.3%69.2%
Employees (year-end) 2)45984255444343644’185

1) Restated
2) including workers in balsa wood plantations and sawmills in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea