3A Composites

3A Composites manufactures composite panels, materials for sandwich solutions and integrated sandwich components, concentrating on the following segments:


3A Composites Display has maintained a long tradition of technical leadership and excellence in sheet materials for sign and display applications.

In fact, 3A Composites has been responsible for originally developing most of the generic material types available. Thanks to a diversified range of products that  includes DIBOND® aluminum composite panels, KAPA®, SMART-X®, GATORFOAM® and FOAM-X® lightweight foam boards, FOREX®, SINTRA® and FOAMALITE® rigid foam plastic sheets as well as LUMEX® transparent and translucent PET sheets, customers can benefit from a unique and ideally matched product offering.

The branded products are available from specialized distribution partners in the paper, plastics and metal industry and are mainly used for direct-to-substrate digital printing, screen printing, photo mounting and applications in signs and displays, graphic arts, PoS / PoP advertising and exhibitions.


ALUCOBOND® is the world market leader for aluminium composite panels. Since their introduction on the market in 1969, these panels have been used above all in architecture and for corporate identity programmes, particularly for façades, wall and roof cladding.

The panels are one the one hand outstanding due to their extreme evenness and rigidity, on the other hand the offer excellent formability with simple fabrication techniques. They are available in a large variety of colours, surfaces and formats as well as in various core variations such as a fire-retardant and a non-combustible version. With their comprehensive know-how, 3A Composites supports architects, designers and investors in designing and realizing building envelopes. The brand ALUCOBOND® is produced at the 3A Composites factories in Singen, Germany, Benton in USA, Shanghai in the People‘s Republic of China and in Khopoli, India.

Core Materials

The business area of 3A Composites offers the broadest assortment of high-quality core materials (PET, PVC, balsa) worldwide and develops material solutions for various markets. The hull of a boat, the wing of an airplane, the rotor blade of a wind turbine, a bridge, a trade fair booth, a ski: all of these are our customer’s products containing solutions by 3A Composites Core Materials with AIREX® and BALTEK®.

AIREX® and BALTEK® are THE core brands of 3A Composites for the development, production, and distribution of lightweight composites and lightweight solutions for construction applications.

Transport & Industry

With their composite materials ALUCORE®, ALUCOBOND®, HYLITE®, KAPA® as well as with the transparent PET-sheets LUMEX®, 3A Composites offers unlimited opportunities to designers and planners for their creative, innovative and individual projects. The materials can easily be fabricated and fitted.
The products’ wide range of interior and exterior applications are as versatile as their properties: high formability and stability, broad range of colours / surfaces and excellent weather resistance, individual design and simple processing, as well as low weight and large panel sizes.

Furthermore, the business area Transport & Industry confirms a leadership position in lightweight construction daily. It engineers custom-made, integrated systems in innovative and systematic ways. The activities focus on the development and manufacture of lightweight structures for rail vehicles, buses, and general industrial applications. Widely known and appreciated solutions include INNOCAB® front cabins and COMFLOOR® floors for the railroad industry, and sandwich-panel roof components for rail vehicles and buses.
The company is regarded as the market leader in all its target markets. Suitable combinations of materials designed to meet the requirements of the relevant applications and are manufactured in large volumes using industrial processes.

In all target markets, 3A Composites offers a unique product range for the respective high-end segment and owns the brands that define their categories.